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» Characters

Name: Takezo
Age: 17
Weapon: Dual Bokken (Wooden Swords)
Favorite Food: Grilled Fish
Favorite Color: Red
Bio: A young Ronin traveling Japan in order to improve his skills. Takezo has a strong sense of justice and will come to the aid of anyone in need. He is kind, gentle and very strong, however, he picked up a few bad traits from his master, like his cockiness while fighting. His Weapons of choice are dual wielding Bokken that he received from his master before he left to continue his own training. He Dreams of becoming the number one warrior in all of Japan.
Name: Sakura
Age: 15
Weapon: Kanabo (Iron Club)
Favorite Food: Onigiri (Riceballs)
Favorite Color: Pink
Bio: A Young Oni that lived in the mountains. She is very shy and very sweet despite what rumors and stories say about her kind. Like all Oni, she has monstrous strength despite her petite size. She Meets Takezo for the first time being rescued by him from a samurai who was hunting her down in the mountains where she lived. Her weapon of choice is a large Kanabo that she has had since she could remember. Her Dream is to find her way back home where her family is.
Name: Ryo
Age: 18
Weapon: Yumi Bow & Arrow
Favorite Food: Soba Noodles
Favorite Color: Blue
Bio: Takezo's childhood friend who is kind, has a gentle smile, but is a bit of a smartass. He travels with Takezo to make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble while on his quest. Ryo's weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and is entirely self taught. Ryo is very loyal and is Takezo's best friend, however, he has a horrible sense of direction and loves to tease Takezo much to his dismay. His Dream is to serve under a kind lord and give his sister an easy life in the city.
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